5 Ways for YouTube Video + Channel Promotion

5 Ways for YouTube Video + Channel Promotion
5 Ways for YouTube Video + Channel Promotion

If you have a YouTube channel, then you know the value of promotion for promoting any video or promoting your channel is a very different or difficult task because now day everyone wants to earn money then you do with the one place where you can show your talent and why they add you can earn money YouTube is a company which is brought to you by Google means Google is the owner of YouTube. Still, there are so many difficult tasks on YouTube for beginners. This means you can easily open a YouTube channel, but it is a difficult task for new Youtubers to survive in the race of YouTube.

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In the present time, there are millions of YouTube channels that have millions of subscriber base, but the main problem for new YouTubers is how they can survive in the race of content creators. You can say that it is the race of earning because all the YouTubers are on YouTube because of tea money. YouTube is the best source for earning for those who have the talent to entertain an audience, or you can also say that it is the platform of learning where so many people are coming to learn something on YouTube. When we are talking about earning, I already make a post, or you can say I made an article regarding YouTube earning or other ways of earning. You can check in my YouTube category section. But I want to mention some points that I already mentioned in our previous post about how YouTubers earn money from YouTube.

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At this time, YouTube is thinking about earning money YouTube. The simple method of earning is that if you have an audience, then you can do anything, so when we are talking about YouTube and Google, then we already know that Google is the biggest database search engine wherein one second, millions of websites crawl on Google. And they have millions of traffic. Oh, you can say they have a larger audience than other platforms. But I want to mention that YouTube came out as a dating website in the beginning, but after that, Google bought YouTube and changed YouTube into a platform where you can watch any video without any charges.

Why does YouTube earn money e and share 45% with content creators? When they have sufficient traffic, they think about earning from that. Then they give money to present ads on their videos. So here we are discussing how you can survive on YouTube or promote your YouTube videos for your YouTube channel for free. Discussing point-wise point in method why you can promote your videos and your channel.

Best Ways To Promote YouTube Videos:

Videos Title:

There are so many issues regarding video titles; so many users complain that I already have a good title, but no views come on video. There are so many issues, but the main issue is that you have to put the right keyword, search for the best keyword on the keyword finder tool, and put in some extraordinary words for attracting people like best, good, etc.

Video Tags:

In YouTube, there are so many problems regarding promotion for promoting any video with the help of tags. Mainly new YouTubers face problems in the new tax because video tags play the main role of promoting any video regarding your content. So many things are that video tags are the main thing you have to mention by choosing the correct word you use in tags.


Thumbnail plays the main role of promoting any videos by organic traffic because the thumbnail is the only thing that watches by any user on YouTube by which user watch your video, so we prefer that use a custom thumbnail and eye-catching looking thumbnail bye by which user see your video thumbnail and click on your bed you for watching your video. Thumbnail is an essential thing in promoting your video.

You can also use a thumbnail maker tool for making a thumbnail for your YouTube video, and by which you can also add it or customize your thumbnail. You also make your thumbnail good-looking or more interesting for gaining organic traffic on your YouTube video.

Sharing Video:

Sharing the video on any social media is the right choice for promoting your YouTube video because, in the current scenario, social media play the main role of promoting any because on social media there are millions of people connected, and this helped you for promoting your YouTube video and your YouTube channel too. 

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There are so many social media marketing tools by which you can easily share your channel link and your YouTube video link in one click. This is a very effective tool for time management. Social media marketing tools help in sharing your content on every social media easily. You don’t have to go to every social media and post your link. Social media marketing tools help you in promoting your video easily.

Start Blog:

Starting a blog is a very appreciative idea regarding your YouTube channel because the blog influences people or gets organic traffic on your website. It drives to your YouTube channel. This is an effective way to get more subscribers on your channel and get more views on your videos. So start blogging related to your YouTube channel and create content regarding your YouTube channel. 

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