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Google has long been known for its search engine capabilities, but it has recently expanded into other areas of online services. One of these services is its cache, or Content Delivery Network, which can help speed up a user's experience when visiting a website. 

To ensure that the cache delivers the most up-to-date information, Google has created a cache checker.

Features of Google Cache Checker : 

The OT Toolz Google Cache Checker is a free tool that helps webmasters and website owners determine if their pages are cached. When a user visits a website, the browser contacts the server whenever it requests data from the site.

Google Cache Checker is a tool that allows users to view the cached version of a webpage as it appeared in Google's index. Some of the features of a typical Google Cache Checker tool include the following:

  • The ability to check the cache status of a specific URL.
  • Displaying the date when Google last indexed the cached version of the page.
  • Providing a link to the cached version of the page allows users to view it directly.
  • Option to compare the current version of the page with its cached version.
  • The option to view the source code of the cached page.
  • The ability to see the page meta tags (Title, Description, etc.)

How Can You Check Google Cache by OT Toolz?

A cache checker is a tool that helps users check the state of their Google Cache. Go to and submit your URL; you will get the last cached date and time.


The Google Cache Checker Tool lets you determine if your pages have been cached. If you are the owner of any website, this tool can help you determine whether your site has become time-stamped.

Why does Google check some sites more frequently?

Google checks its cached pages to ensure they are still up and working. The servers will check for information about a site's content and then use that information to determine which pages need to be updated or re-uploaded.

What is the primary use case of Google Cache Checker? 

The main use case of Google Cache Checker is to determine whether or not your web pages are affected by a Google cache update.

Results of a basic test: What cached pages are still accessible on the web? 

The results of this test show that only the home page is cached. The cache was updated on February 5, 2015, at 12:39:25 AM. Now, Google has updated your webpage/page and removed it from their cache.

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