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When you comment on a forum or a blog, you will always have to provide some information to identify yourself. Normally these data are your email, your name, and your website. Previously you also had to upload what was known as an avatar, that is, a photo or image that appeared next to your comment. Gravatar Check where you can check anybody's image.

But since Gravatar was created, entering the same data every time you participate in a blog has been in the past. Gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar (Global Recognized Avatar) that allows you to recognize your photo by indicating your email once created.

Gravatar is a service that allows users to associate a profile picture with their email address. When someone uses the same email address to register for a website or service that uses Gravatar, their profile picture will automatically be displayed. 

You can check if a particular email address has a Gravatar associated with it by visiting the Gravatar website and entering the email address in the search field. You can also use the Gravatar API to programmatically retrieve a user's Gravatar image.

Gravatar is world-renowned. You create your profile once, and when you sign up on any website with that Gravatar email address, your image or avatar will appear there.

Your Gravatar is an image that appears next to your name when you write comments or news on a blog. Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and forums, so why not anywhere?

Many internet sites and programs use Gravatar to identify the image of their users. For example, WordPress, Hootsuite, Disqus, Battlefield 3, American Idol, Githud social coding, Techdirt, Stackoverflow, and MOOC's forums from prestigious universities.

Where will my Gravatar appear?

For your Gravatar to appear on another site you use, comment on, or interact with others. The website you use uses the Gravatar service to load the images of the comments made on it. Your selected Gravatar image must use a rating that the other site allows. Many sites restrict Gravatar images to only rated G or PG ratings.

How to Check Gravatar?

They have created a page where you can check Gravatar for your email.

Enter your email address and click check out. It will show you the avatar for the email and the image ratings.

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