Have you ever wanted to convert HSL to RGBA but found it challenging? Fear no more! 

HSL color format denotes the hue, saturation, and lightness, representing colors utilizing cylindrical coordinates. Its hue specifies the color, saturation communicates its purity, and lightness indicates the color's brightness. Designers and developers favor this color format, deemed effortless to comprehend and employ.

On the other hand, the RGBA color format extends the RGB color format, signifying red, green, and blue, along with alpha. An alpha channel is added to specify the color's opacity. \

The RGBA color format's transparency and color layering capabilities make it widely utilized in web design and graphics.

Why would you need to convert HSL to RGBA?

There are several reasons why you should convert a color from HSL to RGBA. For example:

  • You should use an RGBA color format in your project because it allows for transparency and layering of colors.
  • Consider converting a color from HSL to RGBA to achieve a specific effect or color scheme.
  • You might be working with a team of designers and developers who use different color formats, and you need to convert colors to ensure consistency across the project.

How to convert HSL to RGBA manually?

Converting HSL to RGBA manually can be time-consuming and challenging, especially if you need to familiarize yourself with the color formats. However, if you want to do it manually, here's how:

  1. Convert the hue value from degrees to a percentage (0 to 1).
  2. Convert the saturation and lightness values from percentages (0% to 100%) to decimals (0 to 1).
  3. Use the following formula to calculate the RGBA values:


R = (hueValue + (1/3)) % 1

G = hueValue

B = (hueValue - (1/3)) % 1


if (2 * lightness < 1) {

   S = saturation * lightness;

} else {

   S = saturation * (1 - lightness);



V = 2 * lightness - S;

A = alpha;


Red = Math.round(RGBAToHex(R, G, B, A)).slice(0, 2);

Green = Math.round(RGBAToHex(R, G, B, A)).slice(2, 4);

Blue = Math.round(RGBAToHex(R, G, B, A)).slice(4, 6);


function RGBAToHex(r, g, b, a) {

    r = Math.round(r * 255);

    g = Math.round(g * 255);

    b = Math.round(b * 255);

    a = Math.round(a * 

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