OSRS Dry Streak Calculator

Welcome to the OSRS Dry Calculator! 

In Old School RuneScape, a "dry streak" can be frustrating, especially when chasing a rare drop or trying to complete a task. This calculator helps you estimate the likelihood of experiencing a dry streak during various in-game activities.

Activity Selection

Please select the in-game activity you're interested in:

Estimated Drop Rate

Enter the estimated drop rate for the selected activity. You can input it as a fraction (e.g., 1/100) or a percentage (e.g., 1%).

Streak Length

Select the desired streak length to calculate the probability:


The calculator will estimate the likelihood of experiencing the chosen streak length without a drop:


Understanding dry streaks is crucial in OSRS as it allows you to set realistic expectations and plan your in-game activities accordingly. Whether chasing a rare boss drop, solving clue scrolls, or training your skills, the OSRS Dry Calculator can help you make informed decisions and prepare for the grind.

Use the OSRS Dry Calculator to enhance your gaming experience and improve your strategy in Old School RuneScape.

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