Rank Math SEO Review: Better Than Yoast SEO Or Not 2021?

Rank Math SEO Review: Better Than Yoast SEO Or Not 2021?
Rank Math SEO Review: Better Than Yoast SEO Or Not 2021?

Here we find who is better, and is Rank Math really better than Yoast?

On the internet, I see too many questions regarding Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin, that Rank Math SEO is better than WordPress SEO plugin Yoast?

What is Rank Math SEO?

If you don’t know about Rank Math SEO, then I will tell you the Rank Math SEO is the best free WordPress plugin that helps in boosting your website rank. Rank Math SEO helps in growing your website, and it should be rank faster than its time. Rank Math SEO is the very best SEO plugin on WordPress.

Rank Math SEO is a free plugin for all of you. And the other hand side Yoast comes with two plans first one is free, but some features are disabled, and the second one is premium, where all the features are present. 

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In the comparison of pricing, here is clearly the winner Rank Math SEO. Rank Math SEO comes with two plans. The first one is free, where only one or two features or disable, and the other plan is Rank Math SEO premium, where all the features are enabled. But in the comparison of both SEO plugins, the winner is Rank Math SEO, which features Yoast SEO giving in a premium plugin that features Rank Math SEO gives us free.

Rank Math is a WordPress free search engine optimization plugin, and its have 5 million downloads on WordPress. The comparison of both SEO plugins, my favorite is the Rank Math SEO plugin because they gave some excellent features than other SEO plugins giving it in their premium version like 404 error redirect; in some plugins, this feature comes in their premium version. Still, Rank Math SEO provides us it in their free version. I really love Rank Math SEO, and why I am suggesting Rank Math SEO, we will discuss.

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According to some forums, both SEO Plugin comes with a different interface, and we will talk about which interface is best and too good looking and which is well modernized.

Interface Of Rank Math SEO

When we are talking about the interface of Rank Math SEO, then there is the most common problem with the I premium SEO plugin is the interface. Because when we are talking about the interface, there are two types of people one is who like simple or Easy interface and the second one is who like some techie things for them Rank Math SEO provides the advanced feature. This means in the Rank Math SEO, there are 2 modes, easy mode and advanced mode, but this feature is not present in Yoast. The developer of Rank Math SEO knows the requirement of the users. So that’s why here clearly, the winner in the interface is Rank Math SEO. They have a neat and clean interface that is really, really good-looking.

Keyword Planner Feature

Yes, you clearly read the right thing, and there is a feature that only focused on keyword planning. This feature is handy while writing an article to help in picking the right keyword for ranking on the internet. Rank Math SEO helps us choose the right keyword that helps us grow fast on the internet and easily ranks on Google. In a present update, there is some feature that tells us about the traffic on the particular keyword in the article, but this feature comes in the premium version of Rank Math SEO. Keyword planner comes in both free and premium version but finding the traffic any particular keyword this feature comes in the premium version.

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In Yoast, this only comes in their premium version plugin. This is the second thing that makes Rank Math SEO WordPress plugin the best plugin regarding SEO optimization on WordPress.


Rank Math SEO gives some awesome feature that makes it very cool. At the same time, writing an article or any post, Rank Math SEO provider scores regarding overall performance from all the options like keyword, article, image, etc. Rank Math SEO tells us our post’s score and reminds us about other options we forgive, like putting an image, embedding any link, less URL text, etc.


When we are talking about the best WordPress SEO plugin, I will talk about Rank Math SEO because this is the best SEO plugin on WordPress, which comes with so many features for free. This is better than another WordPress SEO plugin because which features or the option they are provided in their premium version that all features and all the options Rank Math SEO plugin provides in their free version. The main thing is that Rank Math developers better know what the people want. And they provide them without any hidden charges. 

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