5 Smart Ways To Speed up WordPress Site 2021

5 Smart Ways To Speed up WordPress Site 2021
5 Smart Ways To Speed up WordPress Site 2021

If you are using WordPress for some time, you realized that your website is too slow while loading. In a survey, there is some shocking result: people hate that site which loading too slow means if your site is too slow, people ignore your site in surfing.

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On the internet, there are so many ways to boost Your WordPress site, which helps WordPress site by cache manager or by the help of such a plugin that manages a cache of your WordPress website such as WP Rocket, and other so many plugins are present on the WordPress.

Tips To Speed up WordPress Site

But I am talking about speed up the WordPress site by fixing the main issue, and some plugins do not fix it. I know it is helpful, but it is not worth it. I am trying to fix this problem from the bottom of the issue.

Using Latest PHP – 7.0+

It is the main issue of slow down WordPress sites. In the current time, so many people are using the PHP 5.6 version at this time. According to the time, the PHP version is also updated to fixing performance and security, and this is the main and most popular issue that slows down your WordPress site. If your PHP is 5.6, then update it into 7.0+ to help your website perform and provide securities. This control is under the posting companies that are used to upgrading or downgrading the PHP version. You can go to the sea panel and upgrade your PHP version. After that, check your website speed score and tell us how much your website’s score is increased in the comment section.

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Choosing Best Web-Hosting

There are so many bear hosting companies that provide their Sarvesh service at a cheap rate in the present day. And pupil sees the price list then decides to choose cheap web hosting, but they don’t know they are doing wrong because cheap web hosting providers use the lowest specs server. And this is the main issue of slow down your website. Then choose the best web hosting provider, which is taking money but provides the best service. So if you are using cheap web hosting, then upgrade to on best web hosting plan with another company like Bluehost, hosting, Etc.

Use Less WordPress Plugin

It is also a problem in WordPress dad when you are using too many plugins on your WordPress website. It’s going to slow down because when your website is loaded with too many plugins, they will face issues regarding website speed if any visitors visit your website. After all, all plugins scripts will also load with your website. It slows down the process of website loading. So use an only usable plugin for your website and delete another plugin that is not useful for your website if the plugin script was removed from your website and will increase load time.

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Optimize Your Image

On WordPress, there is one similar problem regarding image optimization. In image optimization, your image will be compressed, and file size will be decreased and not compromised with image qualities and website load faster because your images were resized. It helps us in boosting web loading time. 

Use Latest And Modern WordPress Theme

If you want your website to load faster, use the latest and modern WordPress theme GeneratePress, Astra, etc. When you are using the latest and modern WordPress theme at a time, that theme comes with so much optimization, and it is made up for a new world where no one wants to wait to load your website. If your website opens instant, visitors are interested in your website; if your website took time to load and people have to wait to load your website, he left your website. In this world, in the current situation, people didn’t want to wait to load a website. They want an instant website. Where load timing is so fast, your website should be load in 1 to 2 seconds; then it is awesome. 

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In this article, I have provided so many facts that affecting the speed, and I also tell you how you can fix your problem. If your website is not fast, then follow the step to increase website speed. It is the most popular method for fixing the website speed from the basic level because it comes from the beginning, and people are not talking about it. The main problem by which website speed decreased mostly every website speed is decreased this is truth. I also mention the method by which you can increase your website speed.

I hope this article is beneficial for you, and if you like it, please share it with your friends and family and share it with your loved ones.

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