2 Best YouTube Rank Checker Tools (Free + Paid) 2021

2 Best YouTube Rank Checker Tools (Free + Paid) 2021
2 Best YouTube Rank Checker Tools (Free + Paid) 2021

If you have a YouTube channel, you know what the value of your channel is? Nowadays, YouTube is the second-largest search engine globally because, after Google, YouTube is the next biggest search engine for finding anything. People mainly search on Google, or if they don’t find their queries, they search on YouTube. 

Why YouTube?

When we are talking about why YouTube, then I want to discuss that firstly YouTube is the merged company of Google means YouTube is owned by Google, which ages largest our biggest search engine in the world and the whole company earning money manly from the ads revenue. And when you are talking about why YouTube, I want to mention that the YouTube monetization system here when you upload any wait you on their service than the number of views or watch time is increased on a video, then you too start ads on a video. You to share that ad revenue with you, it is the ratio of 55 and 45 means YouTube ab takes 55% of their ad revenue and gives you 45% of that ad revenue. 

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Affect talking about YouTube give 45% of revenue then it is mainly asked by so many people that were YouTube do this then I want to mention one thing why you do this because YouTube didn’t charge from you for hosting or domain YouTube provided free and give you service free for uploading content only YouTube.

When we are talking about YouTube Rank Checker Tools, I want to mention that this is used to check your ranking and statistics of a channel and find more other information about channel statistics.

2 Best YouTube Video Rank Checker Tools:

So now we are discussing to main YouTube rank checker tools. There is 2 main YouTube rank checker tool, and in this, they had different features, and one is free, and one is paid.

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AccuRanker YouTube Tracker:

AccuRanker best YouTube video rank checker tool. Firstly you have to sign up on their website. After that, put your channel link, or you can also easily find the channel. After that, you can easily find your channel and then select your channel. Now the main work of this tool is Start. Put the keyword you want to search after that this tool provides you result and traffic on that particular keyword and help you in ranking your channel and your videos. This tool help in new checked traffic and keyword ranking, which is ranking on YouTube. 

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This is a viral tool and a handy tool in YouTube video rank checking. For using the test tool, you have to sign up, which give you someday trial. After that, you have to purchase this tool for their membership to continue using. This is a handy tool, so please checked it once.


TubeBuddy is the most popular YouTube YouTube rank checker tool. This tool using vi every YouTuber because this tool provides accurate data regarding keyword searching. This tool is very effective and also comes at a low price than others. They also provide their service very well means after using tissue, and after using their service, you like this tool for checking YouTube videos ranking. They have one starting plan at $49, Which consist of 50 Keyword which you can use on Google and YouTube. There are really very good tools.

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When we are talking about anyone at a time, we can’t tell anyone which is best. There is a different option if you want for business; then the AccuRanker YouTube Tracker tool is the very best. But when we are talking about single-user 10 tubebuddy is handy tool regarding you to rank checking and mostly YouTube use test tool for finding keyword and helping in growing their channel buy pickup in the excellent keyword.

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